Friday, January 3, 2014

PJ Harvey's "Shaker Aamer" - "Let England Shake" and Make the Obama Administration shake

Welcome to the fight to save the men dying for our Humanity

GTMO abuse, harassment, detention and torture are GW Bush's crimes against humanity and now Barack Obama's.

Hosting BBC's "Today," January 2, 2014, she brought the best of the confrontation ...WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, journalist John Pilger, and photographer John Duley. Actor Ralph Feinnes reading poetry, and various musical selections to include works by Joan Baez and Tom Waits.

From Julian Assange:

And with the great line up, they took the opportunity to use the time well.  Whether or not anyone learned a thing from the hour is left to be seen...

But they pulled no punches and hit squarely on well deserved targets... To include Barack Obama, and deservedly so.

From Ralph Fiennes - Reading lyrics to Pete Seeger's "Ticky Tock":

So, America, When will we stop putting budding war criminals in office, allowing them to flower into their full Corpse Flower wretchedness?

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