Monday, March 24, 2014

#FreeJustina - When children are used as political pawns, it is the children who lose #OpJustina

2 weeks ago, I wrote about Logan River Academy. A private enterprise squeezing the life and health out of troubled youths for big bucks.  An institution that has bedded court systems and politicos in order to assure a steady flow of young minds in trouble, through their doors, in order to reap state and private funds.

Bad enough, they have the courts in many locations in their hip pocket, but the abuse of those with whom they are charged is abhorrent....and it is the abuse of those locked behind those doors that spurred the creation of  "Shutdown Logan River Academy" and the investigation of Logan River Academy by some of the good people from the Collective known as Anonymous...

All too often, we have heard long winded diatribes and pompous screeds  from politicians,  courts, social service agencies and physicians as they tout  the "sanctity of the family."

When it comes to acting on those principals, all too often, we see those same politicians, courts, social service agencies and physicians fail - in fact, purposely fail -  to respect the "sanctity of the family" as they take power over and destroy that very basis of American society - for power and money.

And it is when those agents, charged with protecting and defending the innocent, the ill, the young, the old, the people, perpetrate the destruction of families, the abuse of children and the mistreatment of innocents, we must take a stand.

Now we are confronted with another case of blatant abuse by bureaucrats, physicians and judicial system, who, on the surface, are touted as protectors of the innocent and the ill - advocates for victims of abuse, but instead, have become the perpetrators of abuse.

Justina Pelletier, a 15 year old from Hartford, Connecticut, is another victim of a nightmare created by  charlatans.

It has been a year since the State of Massachussetts "Child Protective Services" took custody of Justina and placed her under the sole care of a physician at Boston Children's Hospital who negated her medical diagnosis, removed her from treatment for the rare genetic disorder with which she suffers, declared her mentally ill and institutionalized her at the Wayside psychiatric facility in Framingham, MA.  The system has denied the parents and Justina, their rights and acted against the "sanctity of the family."

Justina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease by Tufts, only to have Children’s Hospital cast aside that finding — and then take custody of the teen for a year with the blessing of DCF and a judge — insisting her problems were psychiatric and not physical.

“This 13 month experiment that Boston Children’s Hospital has done did not work in fact it just about killed her,” Pelletier says.

The Pelletiers are now on the verge of regaining some control over Justina’s treatment albeit with strings attached. Lou Pelletier asked lawmakers how parents can essentially be accused of child abuse and their daughter legally wrestled away simply because of a disagreement over her diagnosis.
“She did much better under the care of her parents, than under DCF and government,” says Reverend Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition. “The legislature needs to get involved with this and not step back.”

State Rep. Paul Heroux (D-North Attleboro) got the Pelletier’s version Thursday and wants more. “Due process would say both sides should be heard before judgment’s made,” Heroux says.

The Pelletiers would like to see the process that has engulfed their daughter rethought from square one with whatever legal changes arise, perhaps taking on Justina’s name.

“We’ve allowed Boston Children’s, and DCF and this judge to do things that no family should ever have to go through again,” Pelletier says.
They argue that an infamous accused killer has enjoyed more privileges in jail this last year than their daughter. “If the Boston bomber is being treated better than my daughter, Justina Pelletier, I think that speaks volumes,” he says.

The Pelletier family has only been allowed to visit Justina for an hour each week. She was recently moved from Children’s to the Wayside psychiatric facility in Framingham. But at a March 17th hearing, she might be moved to Connecticut — much closer to home — with her original Tufts doctor reclaiming oversight of her medical care.

The importance of Justina's story gets lost as it translates to fodder for talk shows and sensationalized headlines (now overshadowed by the latest theory about Malaysian Flight 370 and the latest propagandized rantings of neo-cons and exceptionalists trying to march us off to war) but we must not allow the light shining on her abuse and the destruction of her family to fade away.

And, again, some of the good people with the Collective known as Anonymous are heeding the call...

And #OpJustina is born...

The judge charged with reviewing and ruling on the custody case has delayed his ruling until tomorrow...

A call to action on behalf of the family and on behalf of justice...

A tweetstorm is being held today, all day with peak to be held tonight at 8:30PM Eastern Time / 5:30PM Pacific Time.

More information can be found at ShutdownLoganRiver,com

Be the Change

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