Saturday, March 22, 2014

Open Letter to John Kerry, et al, concerning the Keystone XL Pipeline - From Kali

The Kali Yuga

RE:      Supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline Project - 
           Helping to bring more Global Climate Change..YAY

Dear Secretary Kerry:

I believe the Keystone XL pipeline is in the best interest of the on-going destruction of the planet. My friend, Shiva, and I can just sit back and watch as humans destroy everything around them.

Hey. everyone needs a little relaxation and time off. We have been working hard to bring the destruction of the universe to bear one more time and, frankly, I am getting a little tired...Give a girl a break. Build that pipeline - let that heavy sands oil drip into the aquifer and lay to waste the entire US bread-belt; let the belching smokestacks pour more pollution into the air and water.

Thank you for your consideration and I urge you to act swiftly - I really am in need of some time in the drought ridden West (brought to you by the ever increasing temperatures) to work on my tan...

Yours in promoting drastic climate change.

Kali (or Kala) 

"Consort of Shiva and sitting (and in full relaxation mode now) Brahman

PS: Look me up sometime...we could have tea

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