Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just in: Senate Torture Report concludes "Torture doesn't work". I wonder if they heard the Beatles broke up.

Michael Hogan of Vanity Fair in his latest, "New Senate Intelligence Report Nails C.I.A. for Lying About Torture," released today reports:

"This just in: Torture doesn't work
That’s the message of a 6,300-page report prepared by the Senate Intelligence Committee, which will vote Thursday on whether to forward an executive summary to President Obama.
The report is said to contain damning information about the C.I.A.'s creepy fetish for "harsh interrogation techniques," which people not employed by the Agency tend to refer to as torture.
The C.I.A., according to a Washington Post summary of the report, misrepresented its activities to the civilian government that’s supposed to keep it in check in three major ways: by hiding some of its most abusive “techniques,” by inflating the importance of the people they abused and the plots they desperately described, and by taking credit for intelligence that was divulged not during harsh interrogations but under traditional questioning."

Yeah, yeah, yeah...and water is wet, the sky is blue, weed has medicinal value...

Nice to see the Senate Intelligence Committee is actually catching up.

As for the report, it needs to be released, in total - warts and all - to the people.

The perpetrators of crimes against humanity need to be held accountable - but I won't hold my breath until the people grow some brass balls  (it is fair to say, no one in Congress or the WH ever will)

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