Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#Benghazi! Or, when Lindsey Graham channeled Dick Cheney, setting up the Lie called #Benghazi!

We are in an election year.  Those "off year' elections - that could determine which "Party" rages in Congress  - are looming large for the political hacks of Washington, DC.  Each and every one now running around an hysterical nation;  pushing to gain more power and control to see who will become the favored minions doin the bidding of Wall Street.

The Red Team, after being silenced on "Obamacare-gate" with the new enrollment numbers showing over 10 million served, has released the latest rehashing of the old  bullshit made new again ...


......also known as the latest chapter in the on-going saga of Republican Payback for Richard Nixon.

Yes, Benghazi-gate has taken root, again, like a hybridized super-strain of Kudzu created by Monsanto.  And like Kudzu, the paradigm is spreading much the same way...

.........Throughout the southeast and moving inland.

Like any great Neo-con created diversion, it spreads like wildfire through the corporate media and political hackery of the echo chamber to create even more fear, anger and divisiveness.

Using the Neo-con Straussian inspired messaging lessons learned so well (adding a little Rove, the Rat Fucker, soundbyte tech to the talking points), Benghazi!!! has become the new "Remember the Maine" in the war of stupidity vying for center stage and top billing this campaign season..

The Benghazi-gate playbook looks much like the Dick Cheney playbook on "Aluminum Tubes for a centrifuge" claims that led us straight to the slaughter of innocents in a sovereign nation - Iraq.  In the case of Benghazi-gate, it was the Scarlett O'Hara of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, playing the Dick Cheney role as Lara Logan, of "60 Minutes," filled in for the Judith Miller, New York Times.

After their grand performance, Benghazi was never again to be relegated to the background bitter hum of conspiracy nuts and Tea Party psychotic delusions.

Chris Hayes did a great job, last night, of running through the play by play ...

......bringing us to today's Benghazi-gate, Act II:

The stupidity of a "transparent and accountable" WH walking right into a door when it wasn't looking,  releasing the specter of Benghazi-gate from it's lead lined cell to be pumped up and played by an all too willing Red Team..........or how the GOP Congress fools were handed a limp pea shooter and turned it into a smoking gun by setting the House on fire.

The infamously late disclosure of an email, showing that the White House actually commented on the "talking points" given to Susan Rice before she used them in her now famous speech, has become the new mating call  of "SEE, SEE, WHITE HOUSE COVER UP" of the psycho brigade.  With it, more calls for another congressional hearing by those "small gub'mint" "austerity" loving "shrink the deficit" whiners that will, again, ignore facts, reports from investigations (eg, the New York Times), and the screech of the people now paying for another investigation after paying for 13 congressional hearings, 50 further congressional briefings, and 25,000 pages of official findings concerning what happened in Benghazi.

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