Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dog Whistle Politics Pentagon style: "Setting the Message" post-Snowden

Secrecy, deflection, denial and projection - Freud would have a field day with the Pentagon (and the rest of the US government these days).

Jason Leopold reports for "The Guardian":

"A top-secret Pentagon report to assess the damage to national security from the leak of classified National Security Agency documents by Edward Snowden concluded that 'the scope of the compromised knowledge related to US intelligence capabilities is staggering.'
The Guardian has obtained a copy of the Defense Intelligence Agency's classified damage assessment in response to a Freedom of Information Act (Foia) lawsuit filed against the Defense Department earlier this year. The heavily redacted 39-page report was prepared in December and is titled 'DoD Information Review Task Force-2: Initial Assessment, Impacts Resulting from the Compromise of Classified Material by a Former NSA Contractor.'
But while the DIA report describes the damage to US intelligence capabilities as 'grave', the government still refuses to release any specific details to support this conclusion. The entire impact assessment was redacted from the material released to the Guardian under a presidential order that protects classified information and several other Foia exemptions.
Only 12 pages of the report were declassified by DIA and released. A Justice Department attorney said DIA would continue to process other internal documents that refer to the DIA report for possible release later this year."

So, it appears the Justice Department, White House and Pentagon choose to continue their attacks on Snowden but expect everyone just to take it, on faith, that their assertions are based on fact (sadly, those who prefer to believe, without proof, hear that loud, obnoxious whistle...."Cuz, Cuz, Cuz Snowden"), without allowing access to why it is Snowden's actions created "grave" damage to US Intelligence capabilities.

I suspect, without evidence to the contrary, the "grave" damage was more embarrassment at being caught and at being other than the image those entities attempt to promote, as the world, once again, is given reason to distrust the US and her out of control, grandiose and paranoid government "intelligence," defense and executive communities.

There is a reason we are named the biggest threat to world peace by the planet but we still don't quite get it.

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