Friday, May 9, 2014

Nigerian Officials' failure to act when warned about Boko Haram raid on school

The recent attacks and kidnapping of school girls, being sold into slavery (selling any human is, most certainly, slavery),  in Nigeria has prompted international outrage and a social media firestorm resulting in a few nations, to include the US, to slowly take notice and offer assistance. It is not lost on many of us that the US is, only, now reacting with feigned outrage at the pain and suffering of the people in Nigeria since we have ignored and even, at times, actively supported the on-going corruption, oppression and wholesale slaughter occurring in Nigeria over the past few decades...but I digress.

Amnesty International went to Nigeria to investigate the on-going attacks on schools by Boko Haram and how the Nigerian government has responded to these attacks.

Boko Haram, an extremist Islamist terrorist group, was formed out of the corruption of Nigeria.  

The Nigerian Kleptocracy  - oil rich  - has abused the people for years. A government filled with thieves who have sold the nation to international oil companies then pilfered the people's treasury of those funds received from selling off minerals and fossil fuels creating their own wealthy few standing against a starving many.

Water, land and air pollution; disease, poverty and starvation are what the people of Nigeria face while the wealthy live like kings.

Boko Haram has jumped in to fill a void created by an uncaring and inhumane government -  turning the anger and fear of the people into a recruiting tool; attacking innocents and killing entire families that do not convert to their form of psychosis; attacking schools and enslaving the girls then selling them to other men to abuse and/or to slaughter - all in an attempt to gain power and become another anti-Western stronghold.

So what is the Kleptocracy doing?

According to Amnesty International, not so much - not even when warned of planned attacks.  

Damning testimonies gathered by Amnesty International reveal that Nigerian security forces failed to act on advance warnings about Boko Haram’s armed raid on the state-run boarding school in Chibok which led to the abduction of more than 240 schoolgirls on 14-15 April. 

After independently verifying information based on multiple interviews with credible sources, the organization today revealed that the Nigerian security forces had more than four hours of advance warning about the attack but did not do enough to stop it. 

“The fact that Nigerian security forces knew about Boko Haram’s impending raid, but failed to take the immediate action needed to stop it, will only amplify the national and international outcry at this horrific crime,” said Netsanet Belay, Amnesty International’s Africa Director, Research and Advocacy. 

“It amounts to a gross dereliction of Nigeria’s duty to protect civilians, who remain sitting ducks for such attacks. The Nigerian leadership must now use all lawful means at their disposal to secure the girls’ safe release and ensure nothing like this can happen again.”

Amnesty International has confirmed through various sources that Nigeria’s military headquarters in Maiduguri was aware of the impending attack soon after 7:00 PM on 14 April, close to four hours before Boko Haram began their assault on the town.

But an inability to muster troops – due to poor resources and a reported fear of engaging with the often better-equipped armed groups – meant that reinforcements were not deployed to Chibok that night. The small contingent of security forces based in the town – 17 army personnel as well as local police –attempted to repel the Boko Haram assault but were overpowered and forced to retreat. One soldier reportedly died.

More than three weeks later, the majority of the girls remain in captivity in an unknown location. A climate of confusion and suspicion has so far scuppered efforts to secure their release.

More on the Boko Haram of Nigeria here.

The international community should be outraged - we should all be outraged - but not just because of the kidnapping of schoolgirls to be sold into slavery. 

We should be outraged that nations, like the US, UK and others, have ignored the growing abuse and criminal behavior of the Kleptocrats of Nigeria (and any nation, for that matter); that nations have turned a blind eye to cruelty and inhumanity, committed by Nigeria's leaders, in order to exploit their country's resources - their raw fossil fuels.

Those nations are very much a part of that which has created terrorists like Boko Haram.

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