Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Colorado "Buyer's Club" : Now a real thing

Colorado has rarely been known as a state to lead the way in social change, but over the past few years, Colorado has come out of the shadows to lead on more than one issue.

First it was Weed - Legalization went into effect on January 1, 2014, and a new cottage industry was formed - Greenhouses, confectioners and storefronts opened throughout Denver and other areas (though some towns still will not allow them within their city limits).

Then, today, Governor Hick (John Hickenlooper) signed the "Right To Try" bill into law.

Colorado is now first in the nation to allow terminal patients the opportunity to use experimental drugs outside of clinical trial and without federal approval - drugs that are still in the long, laborious process of FDA approval.

From Channel 7 News coverage of the AP story:

"Nick Auden didn't live to see the legislation, but the case of the Denver melanoma patient who died while seeking access to an experimental drug helped inspire a first-of-its kind law in Colorado. 
The "Right To Try" law allows terminally ill patients to obtain experimental drugs without getting federal approval. It's a proposal being advanced in several states by patient advocates who are frustrated by the years long federal approval process for experimental drugs in the pipeline. 
'There are experimental drugs out there that can and do save lives, and access needs to be expanded,' said Auden's widow, Amy Auden of Lone Tree, Colorado. Nick Auden died in November at age 41 after unsuccessfully lobbying two drug companies to use an experimental treatment outside of clinical trials. Auden himself had acknowledged there was no guarantee the drug would work. 
Gov. John Hickenlooper Saturday afternoon will sign Colorado's 'Right To Try' bill, which was passed unanimously in the state Legislature. 
Similar bills await governors' signatures in Louisiana and Missouri, and Arizona voters will decide in November whether to set up a similar program in that state."

The full text of House Bill 1281 can be found "here":

Another move towards the end of "The Drug War" policies that deny the relief of suffering and the beginning of compassionate treatment for all.

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