Thursday, June 12, 2014

That time when a baby moose checked into the Antlers at Vail Hotel, Vail, CO

Baby Moose in repose at The Antler Hotel Lobby, Vail, CO
Baby Moose in repose at The Antlers at Vail Hotel Lobby, Vail, CO

Vail, CO - The 1%'er "Home-Rule Municipality" resort town ( was created in the 1960's around a ski resort) boasting part time residents to include former astronauts (turn S&L scam artist), former NYC Mayors, former presidents and their buddies that are real estate moguls  (Though Gerald Ford, con man and earth destroyer demon, is now deceased).

Vail, CO - Sitting in Vail Pass at 8,000++ feet above sea level, at the base of the 11,000++ foot Vail Mountain,  surrounded by the  White River National Forest and the Vail Ski Resort - land that is held by the US Forest Service to be "protected" for the benefit of the US people, and entirely leased (not owned, but leased) from the US government for the private enterprises comprising the town of Vail and it's master, Vail Resorts.

Vail, CO - Home of the 1976 Winter Olympics Was to be Home of the 1976 Winter Olympics until the people of Denver (and around the state) stood up to the real estate moguls and said "No, we won't let you destroy pristine land for such an obscene and destructive spectacle!  And you expect us to pay for you to do it?!?!"...refusing to fund the project.  Yes, Coloradoans once had balls and a moral compass when it came to the planet. Too bad we lost them to the Oil and Gas Assn...but I digress.

Vail, CO, the home of the (not-so) "historic" and (definitely not)"quaint" Antlers at Vail Hotel....

...built in 1972 as another altar to wealth and excess.

The Antlers had a new visitor this week, one who actually fits into the once pristine wilderness at over 8,000 feet in Eagle County, Colorado.  A baby moose made himself at home in the Antlers 'cuz, why not? Antlers, warmth and mom must be there, right?

Sadly, the baby moose had to be relocated to a preserve in order to protect him from encroaching humans....The Antlers at Vail is still open to humans only.

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