Friday, July 11, 2014

When Independence for one means slaughter, displacement and destruction for another

An eye on Palestine

There is a growing sentiment towards the plight of Palestinians. Yes, there are extremists and idiots on both sides; yes there is a lot of negative influence over the region exacerbating the strife and feeding the anger (the US included as well as US based evangelicals who want a war to lead to building of the 3rd Temple that would "result" in the "2nd coming") - but history (not just the cherry-picked "facts" promoted by one side over another; by ally over "enemy"; by victor over defeated) has a way of coming to the foreground if we allow it.

The problems in the middle east are not just because a few people shoot rockets at each other. They have been brewed from a simmering pot of anger, fear, pain and suffering on all sides.

Understanding history can prevent future stupidity if we only pay attention.

Sadly, most of us have the memory and curiosity of a gnat...

Some history of the region through the suffering of Nakba:

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