Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson, MO: Another day in the history of the Police State's Iron Boot on the necks of the People

Police advance through smoke Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,"

George Santayana, The Life of Reason

Recent events in Ferguson, MO, should bring us all to question why it is that when the people confront injustice, they are met with brute force and despotic militarism in an attempt to quash that very confrontation of injustice, especially in a nation that claims that its very basis for existence is that ability to be free from tyranny.

A Police State by any other name...

It isn't just in Ferguson today. It has been a solid part of the 230 years of our existence as the United States of America.

Farmers Tar & Feathering an Excise Officer
Whiskey Rebellion

From the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794; to Gabriel Prosser’s slave insurrection in 1800; to Haymarket Riot in 1886 - all pushing forward in the streets bloodied with beatings and murders.  All rolling hard towards the Civil Rights Movement of the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's...

A 17-year-old Civil Rights demonstrator is attacked by a police dog in
Birmingham, Ala.,on May 3, 1963. This image led the front page of the next day's
New York Times. Photo courtesy of Bill Hudson/ASSOCIATED PRESS

... to the anti-war protests of the 1960's and 1970's (and again from 2003 to 2012)...

March on the Pentagon, 1967

...to the women's rights movement of the 20th century carrying into 1960's and 1970's...

Women's Suffrage protest 1918

1966 the National Organization for Women

...... to the environmental movement of 1980's, 1990's and into the 21st century...

AP Photo/Susan Walsh - Several hundred students and youth who marched from
Georgetown University to the White House to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline
are arrested outside the White House in Washington, Sunday, March 2, 2014.

... to the WTO, 1999...

WTO protests in Seattle, November 30, 1999 Pepper spray is applied to the crowd.

.... to Occupy 2011-2012 moving towards Worker's Rights of 2013 and 2014..

May, 2014, Oak Brook, IL, McDonald's Campus. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The anti-war movement, labor movement, women's rights movement, environmental movement and the culmination of all into Occupy and the Day of Rage  - these warriors for the people have all have seen their members bloodied and beaten by police acting at the behest of a government threatened with a call for freedom, liberty and equality....

Ferguson isn't just about "race", though the promoted racism and inequality play a huge part in the events leading up to the explosion taking place there right now - a community made up of a majority of black families and citizens under the thumb of  Ferguson's nearly all white police force, white school board, white power structure; a community that finds an overwhelmingly hostile attitude by its public servants towards its citizenry.

Ferguson is another example of a government's fear of its own citizenry - a fear expressed through an excessive need to control to the point of domination enforced by an overly hostile, overly armed and overly militarized police force choosing might over right and violence over reason.

And the Ferguson Police, like other police departments around the country given access to military grade weaponry, is more than happy to oblige by answering the call to brute force - what little boy can't wait to play with that brand new Transformer Technology given to them for free by a bloated Pentagon with way too much surplus weaponry - M-Raps, camo, nightvision goggles, M-16s and grenades?

Ferguson is just the latest in a long line of Police State acts against the people:

Police Riots in Chicago, 1968 - Mayor Daley armed his police to the teeth and sent them out to crack heads...any heads.

Kent State, 1970:

The WTO, Seattle, 1999:

The Redwood Forest, 2008...

Occupy, 2011...

Oakland, CA:

and NYC:

and Denver:

and Seattle:

And anywhere they are confronted with their own fear of truth and the people's right to be heard...

Ferguson is not a "one off"; It is not simply a racial issue though the use of "race" and the perpetuation of that form of bigotry is part of the manipulation to keep us divided (just like class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, and anything else one can use to keep us balkanized);  And, it is not a unique situation.

Ferguson is the example that proves the rule - the US is a nation balkanized by a government so afraid of its people and the people's basic human rights, that it will do anything to quash the people's voice; deflate their resolve; destroy their independence; and dismantle their power (and their ain't no power like the power of the people and the power of the people won't stop).

It isn't a Right vs Left thing; It isn't a White vs Black thing; It isn't even a Republican vs Democrat thing.  It is a power and control thing.  When those placed in that tiny off-headed, out of touch ivory tower of power are threatened, they will always unleash all the fire-power at their disposal.

Ferguson, you have threatened the power structure of America and they have unleashed hell to rain down upon the streets - first with tear gas and rubber bullets, next with curfews and National Guard.

We cannot expect the police to resolve this crisis, we cannot expect state troopers to resolve this crisis; We cannot expect the governor or the national guard to resolve this crisis; We cannot expect Obama or the DOJ or the FBI to resolve this crisis; And, we definitely cannot expect Congress to resolve this crisis.

It can only be resolved with the power of the people and that power of the people must be realized....  Standing together, throwing off the shackles of balkanization, we have embraced to feed our anger and keep us divided, and demanding change - real change - as we dismantle the false paradigm created to keep us chattel.

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