Monday, September 8, 2014

Buying NATO the MIC way: Private War Corporations pay big Bucks for access at NATO Summit

The US Military Industrial Complex made fat and powerful off the blood of innocents in the Middle East over the past decade, isn't sated yet.  Their blood lust and power addiction is still gnawing a hole in their fat, bloated and diseased bellies...

As reported by Reprieve this morning, it appears they have gone and bought themselves a powerful seat at the NATO Summit - the one trying to incorporate Ukraine into the fold (forgetting the promises made in the 1990's not to expand into the former members of the Soviet) and other super "secrety" deals that the mere people of the planet cannot be made privy to:
Arms companies which provide key components for the drones used by the US to carry out secret strikes in violation of international law bought access to last week's NATO summit, research by legal charity Reprieve has found.
Among the firms which paid up to £300,000 to ‘exhibit’ at the summit in Newport, Wales were:
  • General Dynamics, manufacturer of the Hellfire missiles used in the vast majority of drone strikes.
  • Raytheon, manufacturer of the targeting system for the ‘Reaper’ drone which, along with the ‘Predator,’ is used by the CIA and other covert agencies to carry out strikes outside of warzones.
  • Lockheed Martin, which acts as a contractor to provide support services for the Reaper and Predator.
  • MBDA, a European firm which is producing ‘Brimstone,’ a variant of the Hellfire missile which it is promoting for use by Reaper and Predator drones.
Strikes carried out by Predators and Reapers flown by the CIA or Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) have proved controversial as they have been carried out in countries with which or in which the US is not at war – such as Yemen and Pakistan. As a result, they are in violation of both international and domestic law.

Despite having been responsible for hundreds of civilian deaths, they take place with little or no oversight – with President Obama refusing even to formally acknowledge that such strikes are taking place.
Commenting, Reprieve Legal Director, Kat Craig said: “The illegal use of drones to carry out secret bombings is one of the most controversial issues around, so it is deeply worrying to see those firms who may profit most from it able to buy access to such a high-level summit. It is unacceptable that the US’ drone campaign, and the UK’s support for it, has been allowed to remain in the shadows for so long. President Obama must be far more open about it, as must his European allies, especially the UK and Germany, about the support they provide. Allowing drone manufacturers to buy access to our politicians behind closed doors is no way to ensure we get the transparency we need.”

The "War Criminal Enterprise" (aka, Military Industrial Complex) picked their biggest and most obscene members for the task at a fee of £300,000 (US $493,900) to exhibit their "goods."  I am quite sure they were all quite happy to pay such a tiny fee for the potential of making millions off the member nations and expanding their lucrative territory.

As reported by "DefenseNews," September 4, 2014:
"The companies are at a summit that has drawn the largest gathering of world leaders Britain has ever seen. NATO’s 28 member states and a large number of partner nations are represented....
"BAE Systems, MBDA, General Dynamics and Raytheon signed up as tier-one sponsors while Airbus and Lockheed Martin were tier two attendees with reduced fees but less exposure.
A spokesman for the Defence Security Organisation, the UK government’s export arm, said the exhibition resulted from “A commercial agreement between the government and the companies and the feedback is generally positive. We will have a clear assessment once the summit is complete,” he said.
A mock-up of a Typhoon fast jet fully armed with Storm Shadow, Meteor and other weapons was parked just yards from where presidents, prime ministers, high ranking military officers and others were being welcomed to the show.
On one of the fairways stood a variant of the General Dynamics’ armored vehicle the British had ordered the previous day in a deal worth £3.5 billion alongside one of the company’s Foxhound light armored vehicle.
Also on the fairway was a mock-up of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 jet, which the UK is expected to order soon, and a BAE Terrier armored combat engineer vehicle purchased by the British Army and which is also attracting interest from the French military.
Exhibitors hope that fear of NATO capability shortfalls will eventually translate into new business.
Exactly - "fear," and fear-mongering, makes for war business and the business is good.

The neo-liberal/neo-con push for NATO nations to expand their war chests is just the latest front on which the MIC wages battle for the hearts and minds of the fearfully ignorant.  They have pushed the US to a "National Security" budget of a trillion dollars a year, even while millions lack proper health care, food, clothing, housing, education, jobs, and security.  Time to expand their holdings as they set out to rape and plunder Europe too.

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