Monday, September 15, 2014

Colorado Senate Candidate Cory Gardner trying to make a silk purse from a diseased sow's ear

Personally, I can't wait for the November 2014 ballot! All those lovely robocalls and ridiculous ads {blah...blah...blah} just make my year.

In the midst of the absurd pomp and stupidity of the American biennial beauty pageant, come the diatribes of each poseur begging for our votes with promises that will never be delivered; ethics never owned; positions never believed.

Colorado is gearing up for the latest battle for the Senate - Mark Udall, incumbent, SSIC member born of the famous (or infamous) Udall clan vs. Upstart and downwind standing Cory Gardner of the nouveau authoritarian (Tea-nista meets neo-conned) brand.

Gardner is trying hard to make himself a mainstream fluffed and poofed beauty queen, likeable by the majority of Coloradoans but he has a hard road ahead.

He spent years denigrating women, pushing for a "Uteri In-Situ" government implanted firmly between us and our gynecologist, and promoting the rights of a clump of replicating cells (as Howard Stern so named his miscarried son, "Clumpy") over the rights of people with XX chromosomes.

That's all changed now - but not really. He "no longer" supports a STATE amendment for the rights of said "clumpy" but, instead, joins with the other fearfully XY supremacists in Congress pushing for a national amendment placing Clumpy above all women.

His latest tweak to the new brand is concerning energy and his new found conversion to "green" - After 6 years of environmental denialism nihilism - all big oil and gas over land and trees, he now goes "green." But, embedded in that little wind farm appearance, he promotes natural gas expansion - a bit of paint in attempt to cover the Oil and Gas owned minion within.

Natural gas (a fossil fuel) production and use is creating toxic air, water and land destroying the planet as rapidly (if not more rapidly) than oil. To the ecosystem it is tantamount to gang rape.

Before buying into the natural gas scam (and "Green" natural gas prevaricators like Gardner), I urge everyone to educate themselves.  To start, try this reading list:

"The New Oil Landscape: The fracking frenzy in North Dakota has boosted the U.S. fuel supply—but at what cost?"

"A Colossal Fracking Mess: The dirty truth behind the new natural gas. Related: A V.F. video look at a town transformed by fracking."


"People near 'fracking' wells report health woes"

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