Sunday, October 12, 2014

Portrait of an artist as a surrealistic pillow

"I got up out of bed to sketch this after having a lucid dream of the image. 
I added some stuff, subtracted some stuff.  I made the center of the dashed circle, 
the center of Jack's head and the bling on Jack's tooth be in the center of the painting. 
This made for some challenging geometry along the way." ~ Thomas Gieseke

My long time friend and brother in Cosmic "wildiosity," Tommy Gieseke (Thomas Gieseke now that he is all growed up and has a family and life all his own), has been creating fantastic art for as long as I have known him and that's been  a very long time - let's suffice to say, we are both closer to 100 than we are that clump of replicating cells in  a womb (well, unless one considers we are all replicating cells in a gigantic Cosmic womb). 

 I met Tommy and his brother Joey, in my age of shyness and desperation - a period of alienation and angst ridden hypersensitivity not so unique to any young girl of 13...Not so unique to anyone at age 13 growing up, especially in wealthy, Republican Johnson County, KS.  We attended the same Jr. High School and, eventually, the same High School; we knew the same people and ran into each other often (it helped that they lived about a block away from Jesse Joe, wanna-be guitar god and car dude, and the guy I dated for years). 

Tommy and Joey were exceptional in their uniqueness - creatively absurd humor and perpetually surreal thinking.  They always had the uncanny ability to help me laugh - not an easy feat in those days. Where Joey flirted, clowned and strutted, Tommy was a bit more introspective, artistic and thoughtful.  Tommy's art ran towards the surreal, even then. 

"Secret Rhythms of the Amazon"
"The wonders of the Amazon rain forest. What lurks deep inside? 
I was always intrigued by the scientific illustrations of Rudolf Freund whose work 
would often appear in 'Life' magazine when I was a kid. 
His work had a big influence on me." ~ Thomas Gieseke

Today, Thomas Gieseke's Art (with a capitol "A") is exceptionally surreal, bringing humor and beauty to hit the viewer over the head like an Acme Mallet....You know, one of those things Wile E. Coyote would get through mail order in an attempt to nail the Roadrunner.

"The Extinction"
"Humans will be the next asteroid. The earth will go on, with humans like a distant 
memory of an annoying pimple on its butt. The process will only take a few 
centuries at most. Some other types of creatures will take our place, 
much like we ultimately replaced the dinosaurs. I just hope for them that 
they'll be smarter and wiser than we were." ~ Thomas Gieseke

Detail, form, composition and imagery exhibiting decades of labored love, a lifetime of study and practice, and a continuation of childlike play combined with just enough awareness of billions of years of cosmic evolution all dancing together in feverish dream - a surrealistic pillow on which to lay one's unsuspecting head.

"Russell's Teapot"
"Russell's teapot is an analogy created by philosopher Bertrand Russell for shifting 
the burden of proof of something unprovable away from the claimant. 
Russell said there's a teapot floating around in space between Earth and Mars, 
but it's so tiny that no one can see it. If you don't believe so, prove that it isn't there. 
Same could be said for the existence of gods, creationism, flying saucers, 
or even the flying spaghetti monster." ~ Thomas Gieseke

For more Thomas A. Gieseke,  artist extraordinaire:

Copro Gallery:  - Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave. T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Website: Thomas A, Gieseke, - Illustration/Art 

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