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Election 2014: Colorado proves her socialized psychosis diagnosis once again...

Colorado proves her socially and politically psychotic disorder once again..

Starting from the top - or bottom, depending on one's viewpoint :

Governor - Bob Beauprez vs John "Hick" Hickenlooper:

As of this writing, this race has just called for Hickenlooper though, I suspect, it is so close that Beauprez will challenge results.

Sleazy vs. Oily... COGOA style (Colorado Gas and Oil Assn).

Anti-education Bob loves his "education", or so his ads hammered this year.  What he doesn't say is that he loves his privatized, manipulated curriculum and chattel the teachers education model.  With recent international notice of the JeffCo School Board's attempts to censor curriculum and gag teachers, just where does Bobby stand?  He won't actually tell us openly except we really don't have to ask  (well, unless one is the average Colorado voter with a memory of a nanosecond).  Anyone paying attention understands he is not a real supporter of the idea of open, free and equal public education - during his time(s) in office, the NEA gave him a low 17%  rating..... But to listen to him - he is a big proponent of education, he just won't say of what, specifically (transparent as mud after a fracking spill).

Anti-Middle Class elitist Bob, is the Mitt Romney of Colorado:
"47% of all Americans pay no federal income tax. I'm guessing that most of you in this room are not in that 47% -- God bless you -- but what that tells me is that we've got almost half the population perfectly happy that somebody else is paying the bill, and most of that half is you all. I submit to you that there is a political strategy [by Democrats] to get slightly over half [of the vote] and have a permanent ruling political majority by keeping over half of the population dependent on the largesse of government that somebody else is paying for."

Frack-the-state, John "Hick" Hickenlooper, has made few friends in environment after his switch from geologist to real estate mogul, LoDo developer and Brew Pub Oligarch.  He comes off as a soft spoken, down to earth. friendly guy but has a tendency towards COGOA (Colorado Gas and Oil Assn.) pandering (like just about every other politician in Colorado) has left many in the state angry.  Hick is known for giving Aurora to GE only to have GE stab CO in the back, take over a CO company and move to AZ - taking the jobs with them ("when one lies down with dogs...."); suing cities that voted to ban fracking in their city limits to force them to overturn the vote of the people, creating an "oversight committee" manned with lots of energy executives to oversee energy regulation compliance in the state (like the Fed, the foxes overseeing the protection of the hens in the hen house).

The "Hick" is noted for ignoring the rural areas and playing to urban Denver - after all, this is where he made his money, name and political career - but it is taking its toll on his re-election.

The "Hick" is also anti-Occupy free speech, anti-Pot, flip-flopping gun control and pro-business but on the positive side, "Hick" is pro-Gay-Marriage, anti-personhood, pro-jobs, and pro-public Education

US Senate - Cory Gardner vs Mark Udall:

Where do I begin?  Sweet psychotic home, Colorado, likes its nutters.  That over 1/3 independent voting public tends towards the nutter side often.  They split the vote until one gets to the "Focus On The Family," over-the-top Christian Sharia Law at the base of "Mount Doom", Colorado Springs.  The Springs came out bigger than they have in years to destroy any sense of stability we, in Colorado, tried to achieve - all with the help of crazies with a big money microphone.

Michelle Malkin's Citizen's United - yes, That Citizens United - funded, directed, wrote, and produced a slanderous hit piece on Democrats in Colorado, specifically going after any Democrat running for office 2014, that took conspiracy theory and outright lying to a new low.  The "film" (I refuse to call it anything else now that drones are trained on American citizens who write inflammatory blog posts) was allowed to be plastered on Colorado Springs airwaves for the entire weekend a few weeks ago and not just NewsMax and FOX.

Then we have the Pueblo (pronounced Pee-EBB-lo), a highly Hispanic area carried largely by the Democrats in 2012 and 2010, was lost to the Democratic Party this time around.  Why?  In large part because the highly touted and promised "Immigration Reform" never happened; the Democratic President Barack Obama has deported more Hispanics in his 6 years than any other president in recent history; And that same president has waffled so many times on using "executive order" to assist immigrants and their families (since an unfriendly and overly anti-immigration Congress refused to assist anyone not quite white and male enough), that the Hispanic voters in Colorado responded by either going Republican or just staying home.

Pro-Personhood, anti-women's rights, anti-transparency and accountability, government obstructionist, Tea Party blow up doll, Cory Gardner rode wild and nutter into the House of Representatives a few years ago and joined in obstruction and government shut down last year  but the people of Colorado seem to have a nanosecond attention span and even shorter memory since the voters chose to believe his "dumbed down tone down,"  "I iz a moderate 'NEW' Republican" shpiel.

The facts - Corey has always supported the Personhood Amendment in Colorado but chose to distant himself  in his new "re-brand."  That distancing - not so much.  He is still a proponent of "personhood" but now at the national level since he got the chance to go national "chattle-maker" with the rest of the Tea party pandering Christian Right of the US House of Representatives.

Cory pushed his "I am green" campaign, ignoring that fracking and natural gas aren't "green" (well, unless one counts the color of the pollution in the afternoon sunshine over the Rockies).  The people of Colorado apparently bought the bullshit along with the promise of tons of jobs (talk to North Dakota and a few other sates about the quality and long term prospects for those jobs).

Mark Udall, though not my favorite politician since his vote for the Perpetual War, is still anti-FISA overreach, pro-Torture Report release and heavily involved in trying to control spying on the American people.  He has supported many environmental policies and was named Clean Water Action's "Champ for the Senate".

For the rest:

The US House remained status quo from Colorado:

Colorado jumped in to keep Tea Party darling Ken Buck (R- District 4) in the US House of Representatives.

Michael Coffman (R-Birther, war-monger, pro-Koch and pro-Tea Party obstructionist) over Michael Romanoff, probably the only Colorado politician not owned by the COGOA (and the only legitimately honest candidate running in the state - Bill Maher, you really should have come here to fight this one. Romanoff made a point of ignoring big money in favor of private donations, taking mostly in-state and individual donations with only a tiny amount coming from out-of-state and PACs for this campaign) to keep District 6 in the US House of Representatives.

Diana DeGette (D-District 1) handily won in Denver to retain her seat in the US House of Representatives (though I refused to vote her this time in protest of her Perpetual War stance in the House under Obama, as well as her refusal to make a stance on US Imperialism, US GTMO policy - both matters with which I, personally, have met with her about since 2006, I have supported her in the past).

Jared Polis (D) handily won his re-election to US House of Representatives from Boulder (District 2)

Doug "being around Obama is like touching a tar-baby" Lamborn (R - District 5) kept his Colorado Springs district and stays in the RW Nutter side of the US House of Representatives.

Ed Perlmutter (D) kept his District 7 seat in the US House of Representatives.

Scott Tipton (R-District 3) kept his seat once again

And more locally:

Mike Coffman's "True The Vote" and "Purge the Electorate" wife, Cindy, took over the AG's office from PayDay Loan lovin', John "stop Civil Unions" Suthers...More of the same pain there.

"Purge the Vote" Scott Gessler's Secretary of State seat went to another Republican of like mind, Wayne Williams.

We then turned out to defeat truth in advertising or labeling - We turned down the GMO Labeling legislation.

The good news? There was some...

We defeated a Personhood Amendment, resoundingly, for the 3rd time (but elected a personhood senator - go figure) and defeated expansion of gambling.

Colorado continues to prove it's questionable mental state by those it sends to "represent" us, opposing the People's best interests, in Washington, DC, and in the Colorado State Capitol.

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