Monday, November 24, 2014

Racism lives here. After over 250 years, yes, Racism does live here!

St. Louis Symphony - Protest for Michel Brown

Tonight, as the Grand Jury, charged with reviewing the Darren Wilson shooting of Michael Brown,  announces their decision...

The media hype and the government incitement to violence leads to this moment and this moment was always going to be a major let down for the people.

Governor Nixon has hammered the "State of Emergency" propaganda for over a week now; Ferguson's nearly all white police force, loaded with over $100,000 in new tear gas balls and munitions, are chomping at the bit; State and federal anything-but-"peace" officers are ready to descend.

Nothing like setting up self-fulfilling prophecies.

The people - they are angry, scared and in mourning.  After 50 years, Civil Rights in America; Human rights in America are little more than a few words sprinkled throughout speeches by politicians pandering for election.  We heard it from Obama (habeas corpus rights, human rights, civil rights) in 2008 and we are shown even he doesn't give a crap about them.  We hear it from senatorial candidates, US Representative candidates, gubernatorial candidates all the way down to city council men and women - all great soundbites until those polls are counted and nary a word after the election...The blood and the hate, the stupidity and the blatant disregard for humanity is institutionalized in this nation.

Michael Brown Jr. (Screenshot from CBS/AP News Report)

Michael Brown was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, MO,  but this is not just about Michael Brown.  That young man from a suburban community outside of St. Louis, MO, is now a symbol for something much bigger than even he could have ever fathomed.  He is a symbol for all the hundreds of young men and women abused and assaulted; slaughtered in their streets by police forces gone rogue - and those forces are the face of the government that never, ever gave a crap about young men and women that might not be quite white.

Racism does live in America and it is thriving - It thrives through the 350,000 KKK (their figures though intelligent sources say it is 3,000 to 8,000) still actively racist and actively acting on that hate filled willful ignorance daily after 140 years; America's oldest, organized, white boys hate mob is still accepted, denied, ignored and allowed - along with  their brother and sister gangs of Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Brotherhood and the rest of the fearfully stupid actively acting out against everyone not them.  But they are not the problem -  they are just the throbbing, oozing pustules on the diseased body of exceptionalism known as the United States of America.  

The US Supreme Court claims there is no more racism in America as people continue to be balkanized by race, color, creed, religion, gender, lifestyle and every other "category" anyone can name. 

Racism is bred through fear and ignorance - something our government, at all levels, has become very adept at manipulating.   They want us all balkanized and fighting since it keeps us, as a body, ineffectual .

We throw people in prisons, torture them, deny them their humanity and claim it is for "national security" and "freedom"; we allow our police to bully and beat protesters; gun people down in their homes and in the streets; harass and abuse the people and they get a pass.  The US government has armed small towns and major cities with all their excess military equipment and turned them into war zones - occupied.

Ferguson is a microcosm of the United States diseased body and the people are finally saying enough once again.  The people are in the streets; the lines are drawn; the dye is cast...

Whatever happens tonight and in the following days is on the head of the corrupt and bullying  government that has baited the people and the people have risen.

People of Ferguson, activists of America - It is now time to tear down that wall of racism and hate that is institutionalized in the US government balkanizing us all.

Time to join together and stop being balkanized.

Tear down that wall! 

Carry on.

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