Thursday, January 19, 2017

Giving thanks to those who have gone before - From The Left

Yeah, my soul -driven, heart-exploding, awe-inspired bow to those pushy, obnoxious, loud and no-holds-barred  stardusted heroes…Leftists.
The dyed in the wool, Karl Marx appreciating, "Rise up Proletariat"  and smash the oligarchy to nothing, balls to the wall - screaming from the rooftops leftists..

Yippee, Hippie and dancing in the streets - Turn on..Tune in..Drop out of the paradigm and watch it go “kersplat” Leftists...
The anti-war movement of the 40's growing to the anti-nuke  Peace movement of the 50's becoming the anti-VietNam marchers of the 60's (Fucking raise that Pentagon, baby...)...Leftists

Beat-Gen became Folk-Gen became Psychedelia with a twist to the Left...Leftists

One worker says no then an entire Union takes hold - children's rights, miner's rights, Mill worker's rights, shirt worker's rights - out of slavery into the light…… Leftists

McCarthy tried to squash us, Disney tried to abuse us, Reagan tried to annihilate us - The HUAC Corruption told you all to fear us but we came roaring back....... Leftists.

Civil Rights, Voter's Rights, the Poor's rights - all brought in living technicolor in your face..... Leftists....

Disarmament, environment, enlightenment - we can scare the hell out of you but ignoring us ain't gonna happen.......Leftists...

Digging in your heels won’t help, we will drag you if we must... Out of the darkness, into the light…Leftists
Kick in the door, create a huge roar then watch the rest eventually tag along…….Leftists
So hold on tight, get out of the way or join us - we are here for the long haul and we are far from done… Leftists

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